We are a team of professionals ready to evaluate and solve your toughest problems

Our constant work in all these years has prepared us to act in any type of scenario, be it commercial, operational, financial, administrative, marketing, etc. For all that, we are able to offer you the best advice and technical assistance so that your business develops with the best profitability in the market .

Our Mision

Our Mission is to offer to our customers a complete range of services and products in order to:
- Understand like no other their problem.
- Provide and experience and confident support.
- Combine methods with out-of-the-box thinking.
- Achieve goals on time.

We will make extra efforts to serve appropriately and ensure a complete satisfaction of our clients, which will create top of mind, recognition and positioning of the Company, generating the optimal levels of profitability to shareholders and employees, under an environment of teamwork, responsibility, commitment and continuous improvement.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become one of the top point of reference and consulting companies for small and mid-sized business owners and entrepreneurs, at the time of require any services or products related to Business Strategic Planning, Financial Feasibility Plans, Franchise development Plans, Marketing Plans, Referral and Loyalty programs, Advertising and Media Planning, Web Architecture and design, Market & Marketing research, Events and Promotional Plans among others.

Reason to be here

Every business idea has market … We will help you find yours!

All successful companies have a Business and Marketing Plan tailored to their needs knowing their Vision, Mission, what products to sell, where to sell them and to whom. Start up and developing businesses need their own unique plan and understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to their future. As a Business consultants we work hand on hand with our clients or through our partners, providing expertise and knowledge in order to:

  • Entrepreneurs-Market idea process and innovation.
  • Create Key Performance Indicators.
  • Develop Complete Franchise Plans.
  • Create or Improve portfolio architecture.
  • Increase sales/profits.
  • Develop Market and marketing understanding with our clients.
  • Develop referrals programs.
  • Re-design corporate image and brand image.

Our Philosophy... Our Values

Each member of MT Solutions has been instructed in the following fundaments:

  • DISCIPLINE: each member of the team is always prepared and visualize the problem and the possible solution before a meeting.
  • COMPROMISE: each member of the team is highly committed with the success of his client.
  • LOYALTY: no member of MT Solutions will ever do any action against the client.
  • CREDIBILITY: each member of the team has to learn/study his client until be like one of them.
  • TEAM WORK: team members support each other.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: each member of the team tries to do things right from the beginning with ethic and professionalism.
  • HONESTY: each member of the team respects and enforces regulations and has consistency between their speech and their actions.

Our Work

We work with entrepreneurs at the very earliest stages of their ventures, as well with established small and mid-size companies where execution, speed, and focus mean the difference between success and failure.

We serve as an interim marketing department for
business-to-business companies.

Business & Finance

Business &

Franchise & Licensing

Franchise &

Research & Inteligence

Research &

Branding & Products Dev

Branding &
Products Dev.

Experiential Marketing


Advertising & Engagement

Advertising &

Digital & Social Media

Digital &
Social Media.

Trade Plans & Merchandising

Trade Plans &

Our Clients

  • In MT Solutions we specialized in strategic business, marketing and promotional advisory services to small and mid-size business owners as well as commercial, marketing and financial managers.
  • We also work with entrepreneurs at the very earliest stages of their ventures, as well with established small and mid-size companies where execution, speed, and focus mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Since 1999 Marketing and Trade Solutions has help many businesses in The United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Primary Clients

Our Primary Clients are Small and mid-size business located in in The United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Secondary Clients

A. Entrepreneurs and investors located in USA, Latin America and Europe.
B. Advertising Agencies, Public Relation Agencies, Investor Consultants, Immigration Lawyers, Market research and Poles Agencies, Business plans consultants, located in USA and Latin American and Caribbean countries.
C. VP Commercials, marketing managers, senior product managers, and business development directors from large size companies located in USA and Latin American and Caribbean countries. 

Some of our clients.

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